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For the birth of our first child, we decided that we felt the safest with the midwifery model of care. This was not how I would have envisioned myself giving birth even just several years ago, but ultimately this made the most sense to my husband and I.

The amount of education we received throughout all the prenatal appointments was fantastic and the gazillion questions we had were always answered with patience and encouragement preparing us for a successful, natural birth.

Since this was our first child and hospital births are the norm, there was definitely a little voice in the back of my head saying, “Can I really do this without any pain medications?” I just had to keep telling myself that millions of women before me have given birth without pain medications and that my body was designed in such an incredible way!

Our baby girl was born at a healthy weight without complication, but she was 12 days past her “due date.” Had we been with a physician, I’m skeptical that I would have been given the opportunity to give birth the way I desired to. The midwifery model was definitely the right choice for us. And for that we feel exceptionally blessed!

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