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idaho midwifery Helping Moms Bring New Life Into The World

Over 18 years providing midwifery services in boise, meridian, nampa, Caldwell, Idaho

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Pregnancy Is A Special Time

Choosing the right care provider  is crucial to the health and well-being of you and your baby.

Birth Is Beautiful

We believe that birth should not be treated as an illness, and that families have the ability to make informed decisions regarding their birth choices.

We Are Here For You

We are dedicated to providing you with complete and exceptional prenatal, birth, and postpartum care.

Over 20 Years Experience

Family Tree Midwifery has over 20 years experience with providing midwifery services in the Boise, Meridian, Nampa/Caldwell, and surrounding Treasure Valley area.

Have Any Questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, send us a Message through our Contact Form, or Give us a Call at (208) 213-2930. We are here to help you make an informed decision on whether using Family Tree Midwifery is right for you and your baby.

The birth of your choosing

Build Your Birth Plan

We work with our mothers to build out the birth plan that best fits their needs. We provide individualized care, and want to empower our clients by giving opportunity for informed choice.

Specializing in Home birth

We love being invited into our client's home to share this special experience of birth. With that said, we do understand that home birth isn't for everyone. We do have a birthing suite option!

Experienced Midwife care

Family Tree Midwifery has been in practice for over10 years in the Treasure Valley, and has over 20 years of midwife experience. Family Tree Midwifery takes a limited clientele each month. Meet The Midwife Here.

Guiding You Through Your Journey

frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Care?

Contact us to schedule a free consultation appointment and ask any questions you may have to make sure you are comfortable with the midwife and the services provided. If you choose to have Family Tree Midwifery, Inc. as your care provider, we can make your first appointment.

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What are your fees?

Midwifery care offers a significant savings to you compared to birthing in the hospital. Family Tree Midwifery is currently basing fees on a sliding-scale according to your annual income. Family Tree Midwifery feels our cost of care reflects the individualized care and the memorable experience of your birth. I would love to meet with you and discuss our fees based on your income and flexible payment options. We do except cash, check, and credit card, private insurance, and Medicaid. Call to set up a free consultation appointment.

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Do you bill insurance?

We currently taking private insurance and Medicaid for midwifery care. We can send your insurance information to our billing service to see if your policy covers midwifery and homebirth services. Even if your insurance does not cover home birth/midwifery care, often the deductible (out of pocket cost) can be more going to the hospital, compared to midwifery care.

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How Soon Should I Be Seen?

Most of our clients schedule their first appointment between 8-12 weeks in their pregnancy. However, please feel free to schedule prior to 8 weeks if you have concerns or feel that it is necessary to be seen.

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How Often Will I Come In For Prenatal Visits?

We typically see our clients monthly until week 28 in their pregnancy, then bi-weekly until 36 weeks, and then weekly up until your birth. Unless there are any concerns that would require us to see you more often.

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Where Do I Go For My Prenatal Visits?

Prenatal visits are held at our office in South Meridian off Overland and Eagle. We also have the flexibility to do all your prenatal visits at your home for an additional fee. We typically do prenatal appointments Mon-Fri between 9am-6pm. We will do at least one home prenatal visit in the last month of your pregnancy.

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What Happens At A Prenatal Visit?

At each visit, We will address any concerns or questions you may have. During the visit, we will also check your vitals (weight, urine dip, blood pressure, and pulse), listen to baby’s heart rate (heard between 10-12 weeks), and assess your baby’s growth and position. Family Tree Midwifery also feels educating each mom individualized to her needs is important to a successful out of hospital experience. We provide information regarding nutrition, supplements/herbs, birth preparation, lab options, comfort measures, so that each family can make informed decisions regarding their care. Plan for each prenatal visit to last at least an hour.

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How Do I Make A Payment?
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Can My Children Come To My Prenatal Visit?

Yes!! Please feel free to bring your family with you to your appointment. We want to provide an environment that is comfortable, relaxing, and have the opportunity to get to know your entire family.

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What About Lab Work?

Family Tree Midwifery will inform you of all lab work offered during your prenatal and postpartum care. We are able to draw your labs during your appointment and Treasure Valley Labs will pick them up and process your labs typically within 24 hours. Treasure Valley Labs is an in-network provider for most insurances and can bill your insurance for the cost of your lab work.

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What About Ultrasounds?

Family Tree Midwifery can refer you for a diagnostic ultrasound. Please let us know if you have insurance that will cover the cost of your ultrasound. This will help determine the best place for referral.

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How Many People Will Attend My Birth And Can I Invite Other Family Members/Friends?

During your birth, the midwife will have an assistant, and at times, a student midwife as well. We will not all be in the room with you all the time during your labor, but assure you that we are diligent about monitoring you and your baby. This is your birth and we want you to have the people around you that will support you through this process. We do not limit the number of people you can have at your birth. We do encourage you to invite people that are supportive of your plans for your birth. We also support having your other children attend the birth if you wish.

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Isn't Homebirth Messy? Who Will Clean Up The Mess?

Prior to your birth, we will give you a list of supplies to collect, as well as, have you order a birth kit, which will include items to protect flooring, and bedding. Homebirth isn’t as messy as you may think! Your birth team will ensure that everything is tidy and cleaned up before we leave your home.

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Do You Offer Waterbirth?

Yes!! A waterbirth tub is included in your care and will be delivered to you by week 36 in your pregnancy. Many people refer to the tub in labor as the “midwife’s epidural.” There are many benefits to having your baby in the water including: reducing the sensation of pain, increasing skin elasticity, gentler birth for baby, and reducing perineal tearing.

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What About Pain Relief?

There are many natural methods of pain relief provided to you during your labor and birth. These include: position changes, counter pressure, touch/massage, scenery change, relaxation breathing, aromatherapy, birth tub, heated rice sock/heating pad, birth ball, replenishing energy with food and drink, visualization, TENS unit, and continuous support by your midwife.

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What Happens If I Tear?

We will work with you during second stage (pushing phase) to help minimize tearing by coaching you to “breath” your baby out, using lubricants/oils, and hot compresses. However, if you do tear, licensed midwives are trained to suture tears.

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What Happens If Something Goes Wrong During Labor And How Often Have You Transported To A Hospital During Birth?

Most healthy women with normal pregnancies have healthy and normal births. Most problems give warning signs that can be identified during pregnancy which can often be prevented or managed. Midwives are trained in normal pregnancy and birth, and are very quick to identify when an issue arises. If an emergency arises at birth, we have oxygen, medications and herbs for hemorrhage, and resuscitation equipment. If a hospital transport is necessary, we have a emergency plan in place to transfer your care and we will accompany you to the hospital. Stalled labor/Pro-longed labor is the most common reason for transport in labor.

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How Often Will You See Me After I Have My Baby?

There are 4-5 visits that happen during your postpartum care. We will come to see you in your home the day after your birth and again 3-5 days after the birth. There are 2-3 office visits at 2 weeks and then again at 4-6 weeks. At each visit, we will check you and your baby’s vitals, check your baby’s weight, and address any concerns you might have. If you choose, we can also do a metabolic screen at the 24 hour visit and again at the 2 week visit. We also do footprints, a birth certificate, and file for a social security number for your baby during your postpartum visits.

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What If I Do Not Want To Birth At Home?

We have an office in Southwest Boise that we also use as a birthing suite. Our birthing suite includes a birth tub, and all supplies needed for your birth.

Call Us for more details about this option!

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What is a CPM?

A Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) is a knowledgeable, skilled and independent midwifery practitioner who has met the standards for certification set by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM).

A CPM is the only international credential that requires knowledge about and experience in out-of-hospital birth.  

A CPM is trained and credentialed to offer expert care and support to women and their babies for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.  

A CPM practices as autonomous health professional, working within a network of other maternity care professionals, who can provide consultation and collaboration when needed.

A CPM works with women to promote a healthy pregnancy by providing education and helping them make informed decisions regarding their care.

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What Is Your Success Rate?

Check out our current Statistics for a look at the numbers and our Testimonials for a look at past client experiences.

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